Joyous Heart Lightwork

Joyous Heart Lightwork was established in 1998 by Richard Otto and Howard Reynolds to provide learning and healing programs in inner light meditation. Our goal is to provide a systematic process of awakening to the Joy of Spirit through a series of light-fire meditation and healing experiences that lead to greater personal empowerment and self-realization.

We each have been practitioners of lightwork meditation for over twenty-five years -- having had the privilege of studying with many great and wonderful teachers. Over the years, numerous inner light experiences have transformed our lives by providing new spiritual vision and a renewed capacity to serve others.

The lightwork has ancient roots in all the world's spiritual traditions. We feel a kinship and respect for all the traditions without exception. These cross-cultural experiences of inner Light have been the centerpiece of our personal path of spiritual exploration. We have experienced that the clash between cultures, religions, and nations that has plagued humanity throughout history has come out of a profound ignorance of the common spiritual ground and unity that we all share. Differences in language, concept and belief do not need to separate us, but actually point out and illumine the rich heritage of spiritual realization that make us one family.

Our journey with lightwork meditation has been a process of awakening and empowerment that has brought us great joy, and therefore we are motivated by the desire to share with others, as we serve the Light. We deeply believe that at this moment in history, the old dichotomies of East versus West, ancient versus modern, are being redefined and reunited by the in-flow of higher consciousness-energies supporting planetary evolution.

The ancient symbol of Aquarius is the "water bearer." It is a symbol of deep emotional awakening -- the outpouring of living waters of life-energy, and especially the outpouring of the pure emotional water of joy which brings strength to all aspects of our growth, development and creativity.

At this time in history, the awakening and transformation of this age, involves both individuals and our culture in confronting the barbarism and selfishness of the preceding ages. It aims at empowering humanity to awaken to our evolutionary destiny of being a global family of light -- moving beyond a limited planetary perspective into a transcendent realization that as spiritual beings we are "star travelers throughout Cosmos."

As we look at the immense changes which have taken place since the turning of the millennium into the 21st Century. It has been a time of extreme turbulence and pain. But it is also a time of great spiritual opportunity and realization. The awakening into joy, into the depth of one's spiritual heart, is an empowerment to individuals, to families, to communities, to nations, and to our newly awakened global civilization.

The meditation and healing sessions in Joyous Heart Lightwork have been prepared to assist you in aligning with the energies of the Aquarian Age, and to support your growth process of spiritual self-actualization as you take full responsibility for your life's destiny. It is at the point of spiritual maturity that each lightworker enjoys the cooperative and co-creative support of working with the numerous beings who are dedicated to the liberation to all who seek freedom, dedicated with compassion and loving service to all those in need, and dedicated to the joy of creative self-expression.

May you be blessed by the Light of your own inner Star -- which radiantly illumines your path toward enlightenment.

For more information, or for scheduling appointments in Joyous Heart Lightwork, please email Richard Otto at or call Howard Reynolds at (623) 974-8178.

Howard Reynolds is the core facilitator for a lightworker journey to the Yucatan, September 4-12, 2002, called "Cosmic Re-Encounter of Mayan Wisdom." Please click on the link to see the detailed information about the tour to visit key Mayan temples and meditation power places.